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Abstract Background

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Why Our
Work Matters

Clean Resources is an advanced materials solutions provider harnessing patented and proprietary technologies to improve the social licence to operate for the concrete and metal extraction industries.

Our mission is to introduce technology innovations which enrich the outcomes for our natural resource heritage, safely and sustainably.


We aim to deliver clean materials which lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, reduce toxic chemical use, reduce water use & improve waste recycling within the circular economy.  

Our team of highly experienced professionals are equally conscious that our technology advancements need to be economically viable to successfully drive impactful global industrial sector change.

Our goal is to develop cost-effective technologies to improve the environmental footprint of the Construction and Mined Metals sectors.

Etienne Kiss-Borlase (Clean Resources Founder) 

Our Story

Clean Resources, founded in 2016 by Etienne Kiss-Borlase, a member of the Swiss Pictet family, has licenced two ground-breaking patent families from the University of Arizona research group, covering building materials and metal extraction.

​Etienne became drawn to these technologies because they embrace the best and brightest of new thinking to deliver sustainable operating solutions for the concrete and mining sectors. These sectors are two of the heaviest polluters globally; each responsible for 8% CO2 emissions & significant un-useable waste.

Etienne's vision is to enhance the social, economic and physical wellbeing of communities and environments globally.

And from this determination, our two global business divisions, Clean Concrete and VINCA Technologies, were born. 

Clean Concrete and VINCA Technologies have their principal development, production & commercialisation centres located in Europe and the USA, while the Clean Resources head office is based in Singapore.



delivering cleaner building materials


delivering cleaner metal recoveries

Please contact us to explore how our advanced materials innovations for building materials and metal extraction can benefit you.

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