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Introducing Clean Concrete 

High Performance
Ultra-low CO2 Building Materials

Cement, the binder most used in concrete production, is responsible for around 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions with 4bn tonnes produced annually. Emissions from cement production doubled between 2002 and 2021[1] and options for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from existing production processes have been exhausted[2]. Innovative approaches are vital if the industry is to reach net zero.


Clean Concrete is building a vertically integrated business producing ultra-low CO2 alternatives to cement for the construction industry. Our products can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 88% when compared to some traditional cements.

To support the concrete industry’s transition to a low CO2 future by using our proven technology to create new materials that reduce the industry’s dependence on cement.

Our Vision

Our Mission:


We create proprietary technologies that produce ultra-low CO2, high performance alternatives to cement from waste produced at coal fired power stations, thereby generating attractive returns for investors and sustained benefits to society.

Our Technologies:



Proprietary and patented ultra-low CO2 geopolymer alternatives to cement that will be produced and distributed for precast concrete applications.


Our alternative cement products:

  • Generate 88% less carbon dioxide than equivalent traditional cement used in precast concrete products (Climate Earth EPD, 2023)

  • Are in advanced testing with a precast concrete manufacturer in the US

  • Expected to be cost competitive, and more durable than concrete produced with traditional cement.



A unique, proprietary technology to recycle historic landfilled fly ash from coal power stations into valuable materials. ReCinis will be produced and distributed for use as a partial cement replacement in ReadyMix concrete production and used to produce ReCem, our ultra-low CO2 cement alternative.


Our proprietary technology could recycle billions of tonnes of landfilled fly ash from coal power stations:

  • Converting a power company’s liabilities into revenue generating assets

  • Replacing declining supplies of fresh fly ash, a critical raw material for Ready Mix concrete production and providing a sustainable supply of fly ash for ReCem production  

  • Creating jobs and enabling unproductive land to be repurposed and redeveloped

Share of global CO2 emissions

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To find out more, download our presentation here or contact

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