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Introducing the 3rd Force in Metallurgy

VINCA Technologies

Fresh Thinking & Ground Breaking Science

"Most promising mining technology start up”
(Unearthed Aspermont Future of Mining 2022)

At Vinca Technologies, we are pioneering a novel cleaner metal recovery technology which redefines how critical precious & base metals are extracted sustainably from their ores.

In recognition of its novelty, Vinca's advanced metallurgical ingenuities are patented, which also protects Vinca's commercial future. 


Vinca's ground-breaking non-toxic, non-aqueous molten salts metal recovery process offers a cleaner, safer, more sustainable, lower impact alternative to acid leaching, pressure oxidation, roasting and smelting.

Vinca delivers a simple operating flow sheet with fast kinetics, high metal recoveries, lower energy & water use & dry inert stable solid tailings. The tailings can be recycled as aggregate, enhancing the circular economy opportunities too. 

Our Ambition:


Technology of Choice

Vinca aspires to be the "technology of choice" for all new precious polymetallic metals projects by 2030.  

What Drives Us:


Improving cleaner and more sustainable environmental outcomes for communities and ecologies across the globe lies at the heart of our drive to innovate; impact and engage.

We seek to overcome the shortcomings of hydrometallurgy (toxic chemicals; high water use; toxic wastes; complex flow sheets) and pyrometallurgy (high energy; toxic slag wastes).  

Our Technology

  • Fast reaction times 

  • High recovery rates 

  • Simple flow sheet  

  • Non aqueous leaching 

  • Non toxic reagents

  • Inexpensive, readily-sourced reagents; easily handled and stored

  • Dry inert solid tailings

  • Atmospheric pressures / enclosed working conditions

  • Single mixed-metal cathode plate capturing multiple contained metals simultaneously

  • Lower Scope 1,2,3 emissions 

  • Easier permitting & stakeholder engagements

  • Cleaner metal delivery 

Solving Industry

  • ​Deeper and more complex polymetallic ore bodies

  • Larger and more elaborate mining & metallurgical footprints, causing greater negative environmental impact

  • Eroding community support for mining activities due to water/air pollution and high energy use concerns  

  • Looming water shortages 

  • Looming critical mineral shortages

  • Mineral processing under-investment and a lack of innovation, resulting in a drain of talented subject matter expertise & extraction capabilities

Embracing Optimism & Opportunity

  • Metals & Mining are integral to community development and growth ​

  • Metals & Mining are integral to a more sustainable future and transitioning energy delivery 

Working in the Lab
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Playing with Chemistry
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Checking Results
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